ageless heritage
cense and sensibility:

there are about 5000 incense companies in india with as many and more brands. even the 25 or so major companies account for only 30% of the market. and the market is known to be rather inelastic to communication.

age old heritage:

the brand had existed for decades, more in the north and west than in the rest of the country. it had only been getting weaker by the year. and that meant waning trade interest as well. at this stage the brand was bought over by the cycle group.

cut to task:

mandate for the agency – revive the brand on the double. for a mass brand like heritage there was no getting away from the traditional target group. the need was to find a new chord to play the old harp.

insight that rekindled the incense:

the dilemma of parents today: the next generation losing its connect with tradition. who better than a brand of agarbathy to make the connect. joota japani, patloon englishtani. phir bhi dil hai hindustani. the sales took off immediately. trade opened up to the brand. production capacities had to be enhanced.
heritage had shed its old age, it had grown ageless.


we are thankful to mr. arjun ranga of cycle agarbathies for encouraging us to go off the beaten scent.